Friday 8 August 2008

Sack Cloth & Ashes Department ~ Thorpe Colour Table Addendum

Thanks to a correspondent for kindly drawing my attention to a transcription error in the Thorpe Colour Table pdf. The Munsell & sRGB values for Navy medium brown N11 had been incorrectly duplicated as those for Army medium brown A12! The correct Munsell value for A12 should be 10 R 3/4 (sRGB 105/60/52) as shown above, together with the closest FS 10075 (but not very close @ 4.73) and N11 for comparison.

The colour is a slightly more reddish brown. Sincere apologies to those who already have the table and may have been puzzled that N11 and A12 appeared identical - or even worse, those who have already used the colour on that 1st Sentai Hayabusa model (and don't forget that those elevators are blue too)! 

Please amend your records accordingly, thanks!

Image credit: Rendered colour chips © Straggler 2008

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