Monday 25 August 2008

Zero Interior Colours II ~ Mitsubishi

Ryan Toews has posted some very useful additional information about specific Zero interior colours over at

Following on from my earlier post about Zero interior colours on 22nd June, I have rendered the colours reported by Ryan, beginning with the Mitsubishi aircraft. These are mainly given in FS 595b values but without the prefix for matt, gloss or semi-gloss. That can make a difference with the sRGB representation, so please bear with me if there are any future corrective tweaks. The closest Munsell/FS 595b value is shown to the right, together with the DE2000 difference calculation where 2.0 or less = a close match. 

Nakajima colours have been posted in a separate blog above.

PS I can't do anything about the inconsistent sizing of the images above. Blogger automatically sizes the image dependent upon the size and shape of the original.

Image credit: Rendered colour chips © Straggler 2008 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,
This is exactly what this modeler desires.....the samples show the range of various colors that have been documented too. Concise, easy to grasp, and also opens the individual up to further study too.
Great job as always Nick...