Wednesday 8 April 2009

Aichi D3A 'Val' Interior in Detail & Colour ~ Part 1

Aviation of Japan correspondent Mark Smith of Dallas, Texas has very kindly shared a superb collection of colour photographs revealing the interior of the 'Fredericksburg Val' s/n 3357 for our study and enjoyment. Although the aircraft was in a sadly derelict state the exceptionally clear photographs reveal many interesting details and provide a useful insight to the probable colour scheme (which will be discussed in more detail in subsequent posts).

Photo 1 is a general view of the aircraft in situ showing the remnants of the red primer coat.

Photo 2 is of the undersurface centre section with what appears to be the remains of the original grey paint. 

The sketch provides a general view of the interior to assist in identifying the views in the photographs.

Photo 3 shows the pilot's cockpit looking forward with the remains of the instrument panel and the ammunition magazine for the cowling guns visible to the left of the image.

Photo 4 shows the port side of the pilot's cockpit with the control stick visible in the right foreground and the seat attachment frame to the left of the image (the seat is missing).

With special thanks to Mark for making these images available.

To be continued . . .

Image credits: All photographs © 2009 Mark Smith


Rui Lérias said...


It´s very interesting knowing that the Val was painted it red primer, but there is a question: were the Vals before Pearl Harbor painted or were natural metal finnish?

Thank you!

Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Hi Rui

I believe the Vals before Pearl Harbor were painted with silver lacquer rather than in natural metal finish but there are different opinions about it and I have seen art and models depict both.

Kind regards

Dark Green man said...

Thank You !