Thursday 9 August 2012

New Tamiya A6M2 in 1/72nd Scale!

Coming soon - another new Zero model in the one true scale available for pre-order from HLJ. Less than a year after the Airfix A6M2 was released Tamiya will release their own A6M2 in September. I hope this means that perhaps we might see a new Zero Model 22/32 in this scale from Tamiya. 

Psst! For those who might not have realised it - the colour of this whole blog page background (not the text box or sidebar background) is the colour of the original Zero paint colour, carefully rendered!

Image credits:- © 2012 Tamiya via Hobby Link Japan


Dan Salamone said...

Hi Nick,
This reader had noticed the color of the page and appreciated it for what it is! ;-)

I'm happy for the 1/72 scale builders out there....hoping that Tamiya and Hasegawa will rediscover 1/48 sooner, rather than later. A Ki-46II, D3A2, or Jake, would be a nice start....

noel said...

Hello Nick; Thanks for posting this bit of news. I hope this upcoming Zero from Tamiya includes an option for an open canopy. It's always nice to see something new in 1/72 scale.
Cheers, noel

MDriskill said...

Nick, yes I DID notice that the blog background is "real Zero" color! I have to say that the color on the Tamiya A6M2 box art was a bit of a start, and something I noticed immediately.

I have to say the rather flattened canopy shape and oddly conical spinner in the model photos also stand out...hopefully this is just a test shot, and the final product will be fully to the standard of Tamiya's amazing A6M5 kit.

WD said...

Hope springs eternal on this end for a Model 22 and 32 as well. :)


Ken Glass said...

Thanks for the notice, Nick.

Ken Glass