Monday 1 April 2013

Forthcoming Changes To This Blog

From 1st May 2013 Aviation of Japan will become an exclusive membership site only. No more lurking, anonymous comments or filching information to use in celebrity kit builds without acknowledging the source. 

Membership will be available in two categories:-

Certified Member: £50 per annum plus a 2,000 word dissertation on a Japanese (or other relevant) aviation subject of your choice (membership will be conferred once the dissertation is accepted. There will be no refunds for rejected dissertations).

Committed Associate: £100 per annum

Complimentary honorary membership will be offered to all those who have contributed materials to the blog.

All category members will be eligible to purchase future e-publications at special discounted rates. 

Onwards and upwards!

PS For the avoidance of any doubt this blog post was made before noon on April 1st and should be considered accordingly - well, at  least the membership subscriptions bit! ;-)


Unknown said...

Nice idea! :-D

Anonymous said...

It is still a good deal! Can the dissertation be in English? Pat D. ;-)

Harold K said...

Well done, Nick.
I only wish I had seen this on 1/4 :o)

David M. Knights said...

Where do I send my payment? Worth it at twice the price. :)

fugaku said...

Ha! Love those strict, onerous terms of membership. This one had me worried for a few seconds til I looked at the date.