Tuesday 29 December 2020

Rob Ronconi's 1/72 Kawasaki Ki-48

It is a delight to be able to continue this brief season of Japanese Army twins with another Kawasaki Ki-48 model built from the Hasegawa (ex-Mania) kit in 1/72 scale, this time by Rob Ronconi. This Lily is all closed up and resplendent in a very effectively realised kumogata scheme to represent an aircraft of Hiko Dai 34 Sentai. The 34th was established in Indo-China in October 1942, serving on the Burma front as part of the 4th Air Brigade from Loilem (near Heho) with 20 aircraft on strength and 15 committed to operations. From February 1944 the unit was deployed to the New Guinea theatre but operated there at very low strength with an average of only 12-13 aircraft and at one point was described as a training unit. Withdrawn twice to the Philippines for refitting it was disbanded in August 1944.    

Rob described a straight forward build from the box with no fit or assembly problems worth mentioning. The only additions being an Albion Alloy pitot tube, and EZ line antenna wire. Rob also substituted the kit RDF loop with one made by wrapping fine solder wire around a pen to achieve the desired circumference and diameter. Tamiya paint mixes were used and the propellers were finished and chipped with a silver Prismacolor pencil.

With special thanks to Rob for kindly sharing these images of his Ki-48 model. The two splendid Ki-48 models by Rob and Kevin Bade featured here should inspire some rummaging through the stash to build this excellent and unsurpassed kit, whether in Mania or Hasegawa boxes, and there are plenty of aftermarket decals available for it.

Image credit: All photos © 2020 Rob Ronconi



Alex said...

Nice Camo. Thanks for sharing.

Michael Thurow said...

Simply superb! I like the camouflage very much - a nice deviation from the all-present green-grey.

Jim Anderson said...

Very nice kumogata indeed. Decals look painted on. Very subtle and careful application of the chipping. Thanks Rob and Nick on a handsome build.

WD said...

As great as this build looks initially, it really *POPS* when you click on the photos to see a larger image. Super! I love the subtle weathering, etc.
That, and what everybody else said.
I hope to be this good one day.


Mark Smith said...

This is beautifully built and painted, and so convincing - WD's comments about the photos are on the money. This is still a remarkably accurate kit, and in the last few days it's been great to see two superb builds that prove it.

Thanks for showing us some great work this year, Rob, and for showcasing it on the blog, Nick.

Kevin Bade said...

Nice work Rob. Your painting and weathering techniques are superb. So realistic. A really great looking build. Thanks for showing us more of your remarkable skills.

Ken Glass said...

very nice work, Rob. Thanks for sharing, Rob & Nick.

Mark Newton said...

I had a long break from modelling aircraft, but I recently came back to the hobby. One of the few kits I had kept until now was the Hasegawa Lily. Seeing Ron's beautiful build, and the other by Kevin has inspired me to dig mine out and get to work. I've picked up an Eduard canopy mask set for it, but this is something I have no experience with. They didn't exist back when I was actively modelling, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

And I should add that this blog is both informative and inspiring. Thanks Nick, for all the work you're putting in.

All the best,


Unknown said...

Welcome back to the Hobby!..canopy masks are real game changer and relatively easy to use. I use an X-acto knife to pull up a corner piece the mask from the backing material and tweezers to remove and then apply to the appropriate section of the canopy. Most mask sets have instructions to help with the application. Liquid mask can always be used to touch up any mistakes.

Kevin Bade said...

Regarding Mark Newtons question the only thing I could add to Unknowns excellent advice on using Eduard masks is that I like to carefully burnish the edges down with a toothpick. I have had kabuki type masks remain well stuck to a canopy for several months when my builds are delayed by the production line. One of THE best accessories ever invented.