Thursday 18 February 2021

Revell Ki-49 Donryu Postscript

Following the November 2020 blog about Revell's classic Ki-49 Donryu several superb models of the type built from the more recent Hasegawa kit were kindly shared here. It is therefore a delight to be able to show, with his kind permission via Mr Hiromichi Taguchi of the excellent Webmodelers web magazine, these images of a very fine Donryu model recently built from the classic 1973 Revell kit by Mr Hiroyuki Kato.  

The kit went together well but Mr Kato added plastic card spacers of approximately one cm to the wing upper and lower surfaces to prevent sagging at the wing root. He painted the model with a diluted mixture of aluminium, black and a matting agent, allowing it to flow freely to create the slightly variegated appearance of the metal, repeated the application, then used diluted aluminium to emphasise the panel lines and rivets. The original kit decals were used but Mr Kato doubled up on the hinomaru as a white backing layer was misaligned giving the impression of a partial white border. 

With very special thanks to Mr Hiroyuki Kato and Mr Hiromichi Taguchi of Webmodelers for permission to show the images of this classic model here.

Image credit: All © 2021 Mr Hiroyuki Kato via Mr Hiromichi Taguchi and Webmodelers.        


Michael Thurow said...

Fantastic aluminium effect! The Donryu looks great in overall silver - definitely something different. Thanks for showing us.

Baronvonrob said...

A brilliant piece of work!

In particular, a very interesting and successful natural metal painting technique.

Many thanks to Mr.Kato-san and Mr.Taguchi-san for sharing this excellent Ki-49 with us all.

Kevin Bade said...

I think this stellar build shows what an ahead of its time kit the Revell Donryu was. One could argue that it catches the nuance of the Ki-49 as good or possibly better than the Hasegawa kit. Really nice NMF representation. A classic kit in the hands of a skilled builder. Beautiful.

Jim Anderson said...

Agreed on a convincing metal finish. That would be a nice addition to anyone's bomber fleet.

Alex said...

Great work. Fine metal cover.

WD said...

What a great build, a new garment out of old cloth so-to-speak I guess. That method of NMF is very interesting, and as others have said shows this kit off to good effect.


Ken Glass said...

Very nice work, Mr. Hiroyuki Kato. Thanks for sharing, Mr. Hiromichi Taguchi & Nick.