Saturday 24 September 2022

ICM 1/72 Mitsubishi Ki-21-1 Otsu 'Sally'

With gratitude to Ken Glass for alerting me to these images of their forthcoming 1/72 Ki-21 kit from Ukrainian company ICM due in October.  Will there be a 'feeding frenzy' with examples of long stashed and venerable Revell and Revell-Takara kits appearing on eBay? No doubt there will be a deluge of aftermarket improvements, various resin parts exactly similar to the plastic kit parts but which have to be sawn from their moulding stubs wearing a face mask to avoid the toxic dust and then attached with super glue. Just joking! ;-)

Not sure about the reference to two defensive weaponry options but it is unlikely to mean the two types of dorsal turret. Multiple variants presented as different releases rather than optional parts all in one kit like the aforesaid Revell classic being more 2022. The four markings options are not revealed. The narrower fuselage of the ICM is apparent. 

The interior looks simple but adequate for the scale and hopefully requiring a less challenging fit experience than some recently over-engineered kit interiors. "It can't be seen but I know it's there" is often the mantra which tempts a response "Well save yourself time and just imagine it being there then"! The ICM interior reminds of Mania kits like the Ki-48 and Ki-51 - nothing wrong with that.

Looks like a very good start. No hint as to price yet. but hopefully closer to £20 than £40!  Update: Hannants now list the UK price as £33.80 discounted to £30.42 if pre-ordered. 

Image credit: All © 2022 ICM


WD said...

I got rid of my Ki-21 kit in the stash earlier this year in anticipation of this release. I do hope they do later versions though. Still, I'll get at least one of these.


Baronvonrob said...

Such exciting news of a highly anticipated updated version of "Miss Sally"

I'll take two, please :)

R. Vieira said...

Apparently, Special Hobby is also working on Ki-21-I/-II "Sally" kits. I remember seeing some 3D renders last year but there has been no news since then.

WK said...

I'll definitely be getting the 1/48 version

Woody K

Dan Salamone said...

And the 1/48 version to follow.


Kevin Bade said...

A new Betty and Sally both coming soon. Who'da thunk it. Maybe that new Mavis isnt so far fetched. And then Rita....and Liz.

Steve Nelson said...

Looking forward to this one, even though I've got two Revell Ki-21s in The Stash, along with one of the atrocious MPM kits (fortunately I only paid ten bucks for the latter, which is fortunate since about the only good part is the resin cockpit, which fits the Revell kit perfectly.)

I actually stumbled across a mint-condition Revell Sally in a stack of second-hand kits about ten years ago, with a price tag of $5.99 USD! I told the hobby shop clerk it would go for ten times that on Ebay, but he said he was selling the kits on consignment and they'd been sitting there for months, and he just wanted them gone.


Ken Glass said...

A long overdue replacement for Revell's kit. It seems the forthcoming ICM release will be worth the wait.

Jerzy Polek said...

Hello. I had in my hands a Ki-21 with ICM in both scales.
I regret that the 1/72 scale doesn't have a bomb bay like the 1/48 one.
I am also angry that ICM "lost" the radio, which should be clearly visible on the starboard side just behind the cockpit - this part is in 1/48 scale. Oversight?
I also regret that there is no discussion of Sally's "paints" from all three editions of this 1/72 scale model on this brilliant blog.
I expected that the Author would dispel my doubts about the brown-green Ki-21-I Ko from 60 Sentai from 1939; it seems that the black bottom surfaces are a mistake. I would like to ask for information and thank you.