Wednesday 7 March 2012

Platz 1/72nd scale JASDF T-33

For JASDF enthusiasts the new Platz 1/72nd scale T-33 kit follows on from the recent Sword release of the same type and seems, in the box, to be an impressive kit. Contrary to expectation the decal options include no less than 9 aircraft rather than just one commemorative bird:-

#81-5360 304th TFS Tuiki AB 1992
#61-5206 305th TFS Hiyakuri AB 1978-1992
#91-5406 103rd TFS Chitose AB 1959-1968
#81-5378 3rd AW Komaki AB 1959-1968
#81-5360 304th TFS Tuiki AB 1977-1995
#81-5360 301st TFS Hiyakuri AB 1973-1985
#61-5206 Agressor Gp.Tuiki AB 1981-1995
#81-5378 5th TTS Komaki AB 1978-1995
#91-5406 203rd TFS Chitose AB 1964-1995

There is an in-box review on Aeroscale here and on Modelling Madness here. The kit retails direct from Japan for about £14 but is already showing on back order at HLJ. I have no idea whether it will remain generally available as Platz kits do seem to come and go fast! Also available is a pre-coloured photo-etch detail set marketed by Platz but made by Eduard which retails direct for about £9. Nice to see this aircraft get the modern kit treatment and combined with the enduring appeal of the T-33 the JASDF markings make for a very colourful model.

If the Platz kit should disappear without trace before you can obtain one there is also a recent kit from Sword of the T-33 which features JASDF markings as reviewed here.

Image credits: © 2012 Platz, Aeroscale & Sword

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