Friday 26 October 2012

More on Glen and New Judy Kits in 1/72nd Scale

On the IJN theme and further to my blogging about Glen kits here and hereAndy Zoledowski from Canada has very kindly sent me images of his build of a 1/72nd resin "garage" kit and its instruction sheet which he bought on a trip to Japan. It was made by a company called Miyazawa and consisted of resin main parts with white metal struts and decals.

Very interesting and completely new to me. I wonder if they made any other kits? Thanks to Andrew for sharing these images.

Shortly to come from the prolific AZ Models is a new series of Kugisho D4Y "Judy" kits in 1/72nd scale covering the inline-engined D4Y1, D4Y2 and D4Y2-S nightfighter and the radial engined D4Y3. Judy interior colours have been touched on here, and external colours here and here, but I'll blog in more detail about that once the kits are out and available.

The Fujimi family of D4Y kits is still available intermittently from HLJ at what are now very low prices so again the choice of subject is a little puzzling but I'm hoping the interiors of the new kits will be better detailed and the selection of markings options is certainly good. 

 Rather unbelievably the old LS 1/75th scale D4Y2 kit is also still available from Arii if you fancy a bit of retro modelling to warm up while you wait for these!

Image credits:- Miyazawa Glen model and kit details courtesy of Andrew Zoledowski; AZ Models box art images © 2012 AZ Models.


Ken Glass said...

Nice build, Andy. Thanks for the notice on the new AZ Models D4Y kits, Nick.

Ken Glass

Iskender said...

Hi Nick,

You can find pictures of the upcoming kits' sprues, decals and boxes at the following link:

The level of detail is much better compared to the older Fujimi offerings.

Best regards,


Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Thanks very much Iskender - I have updated the AZ Models link in the original blog post.

Best regards

Iskender said...

The four new Judy kits (D4Y1, D4Y2, D4Y2-S, D4Y3) became available at one very famous UK online hobby shop today, priced at GBP 16.99 (EU price) or 14.16 (Export price). Sooner than at AZ Models own site.



Bernard said...

Great AZ model overview! I have recently browsed portals such as ebay, but unfortunately the German DB 601 engine version cannot be obtained. And with this engine the model has the character of a real D4Y Judy :-)