Wednesday 17 April 2013

AZ Models Ki-61 Series ~ Tons of Tonys

Further to the announcement of a new Ki-61-I Tei from RS Models comes news that AZ Models are planning to release in May a complete Ki-61-I series. The various markings options are shown below which suggest there will be eight separate kits each with three markings options. This series will include the Ko and Tei variants which have not been kitted by Fine Molds. As I understand it these kits will be moulded using their new 'HQT' three-piece nickel moulds and will not be short run. 

Image credits: All © 2013 AZ Models


Iskender said...

It's always great to see more new models of Japanese WW2 planes in the divine scale! FM produces Ki-61-I Hei and Otsu, DML's kit is marketed as Hei and Hasegawa's old kit is Tei (if I'm not mistaken). I guess that means there is no decent Ko in 1/72 around, so AZ's new kit is especially welcome!

By the way AZ wil also be releasing ex-Valom K5Y1 and -2 kits in 1/72 in a variety of markings.

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R. Vieira said...

Hello Nick,

Thanks for posting this. Right now, the Ki-61/Ki-100 family must rank among the better represented series of IJA aircraft in 1/72, with kits from Hasegawa, DML/Dragon, Fine Moulds, RS (Robert Schneider also did a nice Ki-60) and now AZ Models. I too welcome the Ko from AZ, especially after seeing their latest Spitfire Mk IX kit, produced with their improved "HQ technology" (or simply HQT for short, as seen in their boxes) moulding, which makes the kits looks remarkably similar to some Eduard products of late. AZ claims such technology to be "practically the same as used by Eduard", so this might help explain the similarity.
Slightly off-topic: I was hoping their new Boeing P-26 to be in the same league, with HQT mould technology. The new kit is just a sort of "product improved" derivative of the old Pavla model. The moulding is not among AZ's best, unfortunately.

Best regards,

R. Aballe

Best regards,


Ken Glass said...

Thanks for the notice on these, Nick.