Thursday 4 June 2015

Pete in Colour and Dutch Buffalos

A wee bit off topic but two interesting films that might interest readers. The colour film of 1946 action in the Dutch East Indies against nationalist insurgents shows a Pete floatplane at 2:19 and also P-40s in colour as well as a Catalina taxying. Warning - there is some candid footage of dead and wounded insurgents in the 1946 film. The monochrome Pathé film of Dutch Brewster Buffalos, Martin bombers and a Hudson is exceptionally sharp and clear. 

Hat tip to Ronnie Olsthoorn for the heads up to these!

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Anonymous said...

ML KNIL movie in Burma is acctually filmed in Malaya. The most interesting bit to me is with Glen-Martin WH-2 planes. Most sources give the martins sent to Malaya as WH-3 type and these are clearly WH-2. Clese ups of the camo scheme are also interesting. For example DP Casper decal sheet 72009 - Java sea from january to march 1942 has M-538 as single colour upper scheme but movie proves it was two tone upper scheme.

Cought in air about to land on Tjililitan airfield (with M537) by A6M2s (22. air flotilla) on 9.feb.1942 when returning from training flight. M538 was shot down and crashed near Bakasi. Entire crew of sgt.maj. L.M. Galistan lost. Other WH-2 (M537) returning from patrol over Christmas Island shot down crash-landed neat Tangerang, 2nd lt. Hagers crew surviving (Bloody Shambles Vol.2 page 169, photo page 169)