Friday 30 October 2015


The dead hands of the EU Bureaucracy and Corporatism are starting to intrude into the freedom to blog unencumbered as an individual. Rather than jump through their combined conspiratorial hoops I shall therefore be removing the Amazon links from which I derive little or no benefit anyway. Somehow those two bloated leviathans have managed to skew the relationship between the service they provide and the customer. The British government, rather like its EU masters, is suffering from the delusion that we the people have become employees in a corporation that they control or pupils in a (primary) school that they run, and subject to their ever increasing, intruding and tedious rules and regulations, codes of behaviour and general nannying. 

Image credits: for the freedom to blog


Nessus said...

Omg, the Gadsden Flag from US history. Never thought I'd see it on the "Aviation of Japan" site. :-) All the nations of the world, all the politicians are becoming "Big Brother" and treating citizens as children who need caring for and who's freedom needs to be curtailed, lest it hurt the tender feelings of a few. To those who know, the Gadsden flag has a noble place in American history, although it's been demonized in the time of Obama by his media supporters as a "racist" symbol. What a shame, what a sad commentary. It means nothing more than (directed to government), "leave me alone".

The kit slayer said...

Good on yer mate. Its a shame we can do little more than passive resistance.

I for one would rather pay a subscription to access your musings and research than be beholden to the likes of Amazon.

WD said...

What kit slayer said, I'd be willing to pay.

As Nessus said, . . wow, never thought I'd see that here from a cousin across the pond. (FWIW, my wife has a exquistie, sewn, fabric reproduction of a Gadsden flag variant, but we're both social studies/history teachers, and extremely independent Americans.) ;)

Keep at it sir! We're here with you, just let us know if you need our assistance to keep this blog going.


Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Thanks for your comments and kind offers chaps! Rest assured this blog will remain free access for all.


PFlint said...

don't feel too bad...this kind of thing has been happening in the UNITED STATES (note how the corporation name is all capital letters-like on most other corporate documents)
and it is something we physical assets to the corporation just have to get used to.

as for amazon...if they don't need you ; then you don't need them.

P Flint

KVLTWORX said...

No surprise, when big money runs big government...