Thursday 4 May 2017

Summer Kit Releases ~ Europe

In 1/72 scale the second variant of the new Sword Kawasaki Ki-102 kit is due out this month, the Ko version with the projecting nose cannon. Decals are offered for two subjects (as shown below), one a Japanese Army "plain Jane" without unit insignia and the other a captured example in US markings, but the kit offers extensive "what if" potential too. Price is 350 Kč or approximately €13 (about £11) although prices for the Otsu on eBay appear to be around £15 + p&p. An in box review of the Otsu and some colour discussion shortly . . . 

In 1/48 scale the prolific AZ Models have re-released their Kawasaki Ki-48 Type 99 'Sokei'  kit in two versions, both of which contain bonus parts for the I-GO-1 missile and transport cart. They are advertised as containing new and revised parts so hopefully the nose shape issues of the original release have been rectified. Each kit offers three markings options as described below and retails for about €49 (currently about £41.50 but watch this space). 'Kyu Kyu Sokei' (literally '99 twin light') was the abbreviation for the type's formal designation of Kyu Kyu Shiki Soh-hatsu Kei Bakugeki-ki ( Type 99 twin-engine light bomber - 九九式双発軽爆撃機) 

The Ki-48-I kit (above) has decals for a red-tailed 45 Hiko Sentai aircraft in China during 1941, an 8 Hiko Sentai, 3rd Chutai aircraft operating in Burma during 1942 in three-tone camouflage and a mottled 75 Hiko Sentai aircraft in the New Guinea theatre in late 1943. These options are well chosen to display three different finishes but the colour call outs for Humbrol paints are extraordinary and as is now the way with potato chips no little blue bag of salt is included for the pinch to be taken. Sprue shots are available at HLJ

The Ki-48-II kit (above) has decals for a captured example in Chinese Nationalist markings during 1946, a dark green aircraft of 8 Hiko Sentai in Burma during 1943 and a mottled aircraft "unit unknown" (sic) in the Philippines in January 1945, which is actually from 208 Hiko Sentai and displaying that unit's second generation marking device adopted after May 1944. Again good choices but colour call outs as for the previous kit, citing Humbrol paints only. Sprue shots are available at HLJ.  

It is always nice to see an unusual Chinese aircraft kitted and this month Azur will be releasing a 1/72 Northrop Gamma 2E "Bomber in China" (above) featuring Nationalist Chinese markings. Price is uncertain but probably about €30 in Europe.

Have I missed anything, kitwise? Please let me know, thanks!

Image credits:- © 2017 Sword, AZ Models and Azur (via HLJ).


David S. said...

The AZ Lily is one of the kits I'm very happy about their existence. I couldn't do her justice right now, compared to others in the web, but someday in the future she ultimately will find her way to me.
This re-release certainly makes me a bit more positive about some more twins down the road.

Ryan B. said...

AZ can't quite seem to get it right. The Ki-48 on the cover of the Ki-48II-b boxing (which sentai? doesn't seem to be the 208th aircraft) has the Ki-43I's short intake on top of the engine cowlings and the long intake underneath underneath--although the get it right in the decal options illustrations. Beyond that, I'm looking forward to aftermarket decal options for these.

Ken Glass said...

Thanks for this notice, Nick.

Ken Glass

Iskender said...

AVI Models will release inline engined A5M3a in 1/72 (designed by Rising Models). Already available for preorder.