Monday 1 May 2017

Fine Molds Tokai 'Lorna' in 1/72

Due out in July and excellently timed for the new Mushroom Model Publications White Series book on Japanese Anti-Submarine Aircraft in the Pacific War by Ryusuke Ishiguro and Tadeusz Januszewski, is a new release of Fine Molds 1/72 kit of the Land-Based Anti-Submarine Patrol Bomber Aircraft Q1W1 Tokai 'Lorna'. It appears to have new box art but whether the original kit has been modified or added to in any way is uncertain. Price direct from Japan is approximately £15 or US$19. 

This kit seems to seldom get modelled but a fine build by Mr Sugar from Japan was posted here in June 2011 and I look forward to updating that blog's information after the release of the new book.

Image credit: © 2017 Fine Molds via HLJ


R. Vieira said...

Thank you for the information, Nick. The boxart surly looks more inspired than the original one, but I guess the plastic inside will be the same. If I recall correctly, Fine Molds has a few photoetched extras to dress up the interior (and perhaps the exterior too). Together with the Reppu, the Q1W1 remains my favourite Fine Molds kit in 1/72 scale. I remember how surprised I was when then first released it!

Ken Glass said...

Thanks for this notice, Nick.

Ken Glass

Ryusuke Ishiguro said...

Thank you Nick for the info.
It is very sorry that the release of the book will be postponed.
I hope the fans would endure the delay and find it worth waiting for. I also think the kit will be only re-packaged one with
the same kit. There was a provision for two additional fuel tanks
but I don't think none was used. As for anti-sub bombs, there is
a saying that they carried only one 250 kg bomb. The Lorna in the
box art carried too much load!

Ryusuke Ishiguro