Tuesday 18 March 2008

Welcome to Aviation of Japan

Welcome to my blog for the presentation and discussion of information, images and questions about the aviation of Japan and the Far East, including modelling, colours, camouflage and markings. All interested in this subject are welcome to contribute and comment, especially friends from Japan, China and Thailand. The more obscure or esoteric the better. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have relating to the subject and hopefully our colleagues, other readers or I will be able to answer them.

(The Blogsite heading photograph shows a Nakajima Ki-44 'Shoki' fighter of the 87th Hiko Sentai (Flying Regiment) of the Japanese Army Air Force in  Burma during May, 1944. It is about to be started up by groundcrew using a Toyota Hucks type starter truck.)


Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,

congratulation for this very nice start of the own web site. must say that genmtlemen with your quality desercev to have something like this. From my side I have already informed public on my own forum:


Hope we will all have nice time here and make new horizon of friendship :))

Zivi bili svi!

Srecko Bradic, Serbia

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IsamuM said...

Hi Nick,

Great stuff! I will send you information as it becomes available.


Anonymous said...

Hello Nick,

You have done a lot of good work with the opening of your new blog site. Best wishes for every success in your new venture.

Ken Glass

Anonymous said...

Well done Nick! It's great. You are such an expert on Japanese Aircraft particularly with regard to the paint colours.

I am very impressed with the blog and look forward to some more of your valuable information in the future.

Best wishes.