Wednesday 16 May 2012

Demon of Rabaul by Ajay

Beautifully rendered and evocative art from Alexander Jay depicting the 'Demon of Rabaul' - Hiroyoshi Nishizawa - and his A6M3 Type 22 Zero. It is delightful in this age of cgi to see traditional media so uniquely and skilfully created. More please!

And more of Alexander Jay's splendid aviation art can be enjoyed at his own blog here.

© 2012 Alexander Jay


Anonymous said...

I agree with you.

EXCELLENT artwork !

Paul Flint

Bob Alford said...

Very nicely done and my compliments to the artist.

Are there any others in the series - I'm thinking of the North Western Area of operations over northern Australia and the NEI, Java, etc.- and will prints become available?

Thanks for putting this up Nick.


Bob Alford

Anonymous said...

Paul and Bob, thanks for your encouraging comments.

I'd love to create some more portraits of various pilots, both IJA and IJN. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

As for prints, I'm currently trying to sort this out and should have them ready shortly.


FalkeEins said...

..agreed .. top quality artwork Alex..