Thursday 31 May 2012

New Rising Decals Manchukuo Birds in 1/72nd & Zero in 1/48th

Two recent additions to Rising Decals impressive Japanese aircraft repertoire (but get them while you can!) are 72-046 The Birds of the Manchukuo in 1/72nd scale and 48-015 Zero in 1/48th scale.

The Manchukuo set is a neat and colourful package that provides markings for four Ki-27 "Nates" and two yellow Ki-9 biplane trainers. Two of the Nates and both Ki-9's have the distinctive 'Gokoku' fuselage legends and all six aircraft have tail markings. One of the Nates has had the former JAAF fuselage Hinomaru removed leaving a patch of bare metal that will make an interesting painting proposition. The 3rd Hikotai example is depicted with a yellow fuselage band which I think might just have been an over-painted former JAAF white senchi-hiyoshiki "combat stripe", a marking not carried in Manchukuo service.

The Zero set in 1/48th has some interesting examples including a dark green A6M2 with interesting triangular tail marking, an A6M2 bomb carrier, two A6M2 in field applied blotch and mottle camouflage schemes, an A6M2 with 'Houkoku' presentation markings and two 'Houkoku' adorned A6M3, one with yellow wing leading edge IFF strips and red fuselage chevrons. Plenty here to choose from and ideal for dressing up those older kits in the stash like the Fujimi or Tamiya A6M2 or the Tamiya A6M3. A similar but expanded Zero set in 1/72nd scale is due soon.


Stop Press!

AZ Models are about to release a 1/72nd scale 'Kikka' IJN jet in three boxings - actual, what-if day fighter and a what-if nightfighter - with oblique cannon.

Image credits: Decal images © 2012 Rising Decals; Kikka model and schematics © 2012 Horr!do & AZ Models


Iskender said...

Rising decals is doing a terrific job, releasing great products covering Japanese aircraft one after another! As if their previous Zero decal sheet (RD72040) was not good enough they are going to produce another one!

I also wonder whether the upcoming Kikka is AZ models' own design? It's simple look resembles the old MPM model, though I can see some differences (no rudder ribs and canopy rail visible on AZ models' kit as opposed to MPM offering)

Best regards,


Ken Glass said...

Hello Nick,

Thanks for the notices on these new items.

Ken Glass

stempihar said...

Was KIKA true! Orange in the beginning?