Saturday 1 September 2012

CPO Takeo Tanimizu by Ajay

Following on from his beautifully rendered and evocative art of the 'Demon of Rabaul', Alexander Jay has now added this very fine portrait of IJN ace CPO Takeo Tanimizu and his A6M5c to his portfolio. Both these superb images are now available as prints via Alexander's own blog here.

Image credit: © 2012 Alexander Jay 


Mark Smith said...

Beautifully done! The portraits seem so faithful to the photos of these pilots that I've seen. Remember Alec Guinness (as Yevgraf)at the end of Dr. Zhivago?...

Yevgraf: Tonya - can you play the balalaika?
David: [her boyfriend] Can she play?! She's an artist!
Yevgraf: And who taught you?
David: No-one taught her!
Yevgraf: Ah... then it's a gift.

Iskender said...


Thanks for sharing another beautiful piece of aviation art by Alexander.

Best regards,


Ken Glass said...

Very good portrait, Alexander.

Ken Glass