Tuesday 25 March 2008

The Colours of the 97 Sen Part 7

An indigo blue is a colour associated with several Japanese Army aeroplane types and indeed JAAF paint colour #28 'Sei Ran Shoku' (Indigo Blue Colour) is a dull, dark indigo blue. The manual specified that the camouflage paints to be used on the Ash Green base coat of the Type 97 were yellow brown, indigo blue and green. On other types the blue was sometimes applied as a thin dividing line between the green and brown segments but a photograph reveals that the 24th Sentai may have applied it in the manner shown above.

The scheme is usually depicted as two greens and a brown but we like this interpretation better!

Image credits: ©SFM 2008, ©Bunrin-do FAOW #29 1991; Colour information: Katsushi Owaki; Rendered colour chips: ©Straggler 2008


Anonymous said...

Nick, that is a spectacular looking representation....thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

防衛研究所図書館に残る資料によると、大正13年3月8日決定、昭和2年10月19日 航部発技第80号改正で、




From FUKU BBS posted by myself.

Tri-colours used for early camouflage pattern of IJAAF in 1920s.

黄褐色(Yellow Brown) is exact match to #33 Khaki, and another colours are 青藍色(#28 Seiranshoku, Deep Blue), and 緑色(#21 Midori Iro, Green).

Katsushi Owaki

Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Thank you Owaki-san. I added the colours according to your information.