Tuesday 25 March 2008

Royal Thai Air Force Type 97

Owaki-san very kindly sent me a splendid painting of a Ki-27 in RTAF camouflage and markings provided by Mr Tomoaki Shimamoto who had visited the RTAF Museum. In Thai service the aircraft was known as the Ki-27 Ota (after the location of the Nakajima factory) and Type 12 or Type 15. 
The colour scheme appears to be a reddish brown and olive green over blue-grey.

Image credit: RTAF Museum via Tomoaki Shimamoto & Katsushi Owaki


Anonymous said...

Personally the Japanese aircraft used in Thai service are a favorite Nick, and I hope that as time passes we will see more on the Ki-21 and Ki-43 as well.
I cannot remember seeing the rudder wearing the stripes in some of the publications I have, rather the elephant symbol. It makes for a very striking scheme.....

Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Thanks Dan. I agree! More photographs and artworks of Japanese aircraft in RTAF service are in the pipeline!