Sunday 24 November 2013

Aviation Graphic Prints

Some of the beautiful colour profiles of Ronnie Olsthoorn which grace Osprey's Ki-44 Tojo Aces are now available as fine quality art prints in Standard (16½"x12"), Panorama (36"x12") or Large (28"x20") editions through the Aviation Graphic website. Having been privileged to work with Ronnie on that book and on Ki-27 Aces I was able to witness the technical skill and meticulous care that went into their creation as well as the superb detail which can only be fully appreciated by viewing the full-size illustrations. These beautiful prints are enhanced by their titles in Japanese calligraphy and the adornment of pilot portraiture and/or emblematic icons together with a description of the aircraft to make very impressive display additions to the walls of any man-cave, den, workroom or study. Very highly recommended. 

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Image credit: © Ronnie Olsthoorn and  

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