Thursday 21 November 2013

Gunka ~ Kato Falcon Fighter Corps

A solo rendition of the war song (Gunka) 'Kato Hayabusa Sentoki Tai' on acoustic guitar.

"With the loud sound of the engine
The Hayabusa go
To the end of the clouds
The Rising Sun shining on our wings
And the Red Eagles displayed on our chests
Are the symbols of our fighters

Cold, wind or intense heat
Are nothing for us
We can bear trials and tribulations
Expert aircraftsmen maintain the aeroplanes
And pray their aircraft do well
With parental feelings for their lovely aeroplanes

With the experience of many air combats
In the roaring sound of the bullets
With the faith in our ultimate victory
And the co-operative spirit to die together if we must die
We grab our sticks from our hearts

After years of fighting
We received seven testimonials
But there were tears in the shadows of our feats
Ah, Samurai were gone
With the spirit to die with a smile

We are proud of our tough eagles to the world
Their wings go through thousands of miles
Whilst observing shining traditions
We will create the new Great Asia
We are the fighter wing of the Imperial Army"

And the film version:-

Plus a link to some more period Gunka on old records and a Gunka website with English translations.

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Anonymous said...

I must say, that's one of the most enjoyable music videos I've seen in ages.

Steve Diederich