Wednesday 19 March 2014

RTAF Museum Ki-55 'More Than' Walkaround Part 2

Continuing the RTAF Museum Ki-55 'more than' walkaround from the first instalment here is the next  instalment of 21 photographs related to the engine. The image above shows the left side of the cowling seen from the rear and of special note is the gap between the cowling edge and the fuselage.

Engine face seen from lower right

Engine data plate

Engine front lower

Huck starter lug on  spinner

Engine upper left - note gun tube and ring in cowling

Engine detail lower right

Engine detail upper right - note air intake between cylinders

Engine detail upper left - note air intake between cylinders

Engine detail upper left

Engine detail lower centre

Exhaust  outlet left side of cowling

Engine starting crank handle aperture left  side of cowling

Auxiliary exhaust lower front centre of cowling

Auxiliary exhaust lower rear centre of cowling - note small intake

Auxiliary exhaust from right - note shielded intake in wing centre section

Cowling lower right side

Exhaust outlet right  side of cowling - note different shape to left side!

View of wing centre section - jack points in red - note flaps

View towards lower  cowling from rear

Rear of cowling from right side

With very special thanks and appreciation to Johan de Wolf, his wife Ms. Sasinee Sornimsart and the following staff of the Royal Thai Air Force Museum - Mr. Paitoon Lailerd, Mr Kiatisak Reunak and Ms Jariyaporn Somsaard. If referring to or re-posting these images online kindly attribute them © 2014 Johan de Wolf via Aviation of Japan and provide a reciprocal courtesy link to thank you!

Image credit: ©  2014 Johan de Wolf


Ronnie Olsthoorn said...

Very nice walkaround, many thanks! I've made an extensive one of the Ki-100 of the RAF Museum and happy to share here if interested?

Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Yes please! Thanks Ronnie.


Bob Alford said...

Great photos and very helpful to modellers. But, the thing that really disappoints me is that the RTAF Museum at Don Muang is only 650km from my doorstep and the RTAF Museum at Chiangmai's RTAF base is only 90km away - yet I still haven't been able to visit either.

One of the very, very few downsides to being a resident here. Sigh.

Keep up the great work.


Bob Alford
Lampang Thailand

Ken Glass said...

Thanks for sharing your photos, Johan.

Ken Glass