Wednesday 11 March 2015

Chinese Ginga

Further to my blog in March 2008 showing a Yokosuka P1Y 'Ginga' (銀河 - Milky Way or Galaxy) and a Zero in Republic of China Air Force (RoCAF) markings as photographed post war in Taiwan, two correspondents have recently alerted me to another colour photograph apparently taken at the same location in 1948. Bertrand Brown kindly referred me to his article in the CAF French Wing Newsletter, Volume 20, No.1 of January 2015 where the photo (above) is identified as being taken by Lt Col Atlee Manthos and was reproduced in that journal with the permission of Don Manthos. Subsequently Gary Lai advised that the same photo was reproduced on a Facebook page here together with photos of Chinese P-47s from the same article and confirmed the 1948 date.

Of note is the chalked and dull appearance of the paint, un-maintained, and the very dark brown colour of the propeller blades, easily mistaken for black. Also of note is the apparent absence of the yellow wing leading edge strips - faded to nothing or worn away? 

With thanks to both those commentators for the information and links.

Image credit: Lt Col Atlee Manthos via Don Manthos and Betrand Brown

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WD said...

I always enjoy looking over these color images for the different things I can see in terms of paint, weathering, etc. Thanks!