Sunday 22 March 2015

Ki-64 'Rob' in Progress ~ John Haas

John Haas' scratchbuilt Ki-64 'Rob' in 1/48th scale continues to take shape in the first of two concurrent instalments.

Deciding that the wing steam condenser panels were flush on their top surface and without protrusions, John applied several layers of Humbrol 27001 Matt Aluminium and 191 Metallic Gloss Chrome Silver to the model with an airbrush. When the paint was dry he applied the panel lines. He experimented on  a proof piece with rivets  applied with a home made tool but it was not a succes. A single row rivets was not a problem, but in lining up more rows there were irregularities. Avoiding the danger of overdoing, John kept the surface detail modest with panel lines and some inspection panels.

At this stage John is ready for a lot of the detail work. The undercarriage has been fabricated and is  ready to install - legs, doors and wheels - and he has to fabricate 6 propeller blades, the distinctively old-fashioned rudder horns for the the elevators, aerial mast, tailwheel, etc. 

Image credits: All photos © 2015 John Haas

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