Tuesday 3 March 2015

Ki-64 'Rob' in Progress ~ John Haas

John Haas has kindly sent these in progress images of his 1/48th solid model of the Kawasaki Ki-64 'Rob'. He spent a whole week sanding and priming and puttying then applied four layers of white primer and a layer of Humbrol Gloss Grey for checking that the smoothness of the surface is satisfactory. John's favoured Tamiya Putty is no longer available so he is obliged to use a different putty with less satisfactory results and requiring more work. 

The next step in the building process will be the construction of the prop and undercarriage. Then a difficult challenge - all the detailing! To create panel line details John plans to use the same method as he did for his Ki-77. Firstly to spray on several layers of Humbrol silver. Then after allowing that to thoroughly dry for several days, he will scribe the lines into the paint layer using a scalpel and ruler. Usually that is just sufficient to see the lines and John then uses different colour pencils to apply some accents for example the fasteners of the engine coverings.

With thanks to John for keeping Aviation of Japan posted with this in-progress update and images.

Image credits: All photos © 2015 John Haas


WD said...

Looking forward to seeing more of this. What an interesting, unique, and I think effective method of portraying panels lines.

I'm looking forward to the results!


Ronnie Olsthoorn said...

That's looking promising! Real modelling.

Bill Gilman said...

This is fascinating. Thanks again for allowing us to have a glimpse of your scratch building skills. I'm anxious to see the detailing.