Wednesday 25 February 2015

That Other Shoki ~ Update

Following the blog about the Fujimi Shoki, James Nicoletti kindly sent these images of the earliest edition kit as issued by Air Flash in Canada, which had been gifted to him by his longtime friend M. Philippe Medard in France. Burns* records this company as re-issuing Aoshima kits in the late 1970s (which seems very late for this box) and does not mention Fujimi kits. No address or dates of operation for Air Flash are given but there is a little more on this brand in the thread at the website here

The kit appears identical to the Fujimi original but the instructions have been re-printed with the Air Flash logo. Judging by the other images in the linked thread the style of Air Flash over-printing was inconsistent. Any further information about this company is welcomed. I'll add the box art to the previous blog with a cross link.

PS. I just received some of the sample sprues for the forthcoming Airfix Nakajima B5N kit courtesy of  Hornby - more on those later but it looks like IJN modellers are in for a real treat. The Hasegawa/Mania B5N is dead. Long live the Airfix B5N!

* Burns, John W, 'In Plastic - WW2 Aircraft Kits', Kit Collectors Clearinghouse, 1993.

Image credits: All © 2015 James Nicoletti

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