Saturday 21 February 2015

The Museum of Classic Model Airplanes

The Museum of Classic Model Airplanes is a Japanese website with an impressive gallery of civil aviation in 1/72nd scale that includes many solid scale and scratch-built models as well as kit conversions, resins and vacforms.  The titles are in English and the Museum a cornucopia of wonderful models of lesser known aircraft but of particular interest to readers of Aviation of Japan will be the three galleries dedicated to Japanese Civil Aviation from 1919-1939, Japanese Navy Aviation and Japanese Army Aviation before the Pacific War. 

Nakajima Type 90 Seaplane, 1931

Aichi Type 96 Carrier Bomber, 1936

A selection of model photographs from the Galleries are included here with the kind permission of Shinichi Miwa the Museum owner to whom grateful thanks are extended. Shinich-san has focussed on modeling 1/72 scale vintage civil aircraft for almost 20 years but IJA and IJN subjects are also in scope. The heading photo is of a model of the Nakajima Ki-11 Communication Plane of 1935, the forerunner of the Ki-27.

Mitsubishi Type 93 Twin engined Light Bomber, 1933

Mitsubishi "Ohtori" of Asahi Newspaper Company, 1936

Image credits: All © 2015 The Museum of Classic Model Airplanes


WD said...

What a great site Nick, thanks!


Ronnie Olsthoorn said...

Great little models! That last aircraft is something special. Very cool.